The Symbolic Hands Collection
echoes many folk cultures
who embody the direct
connectedness of people
and their bodies; the hand
energizes our lives of work
and play.
The Judaica Collection honors
the Jewish Heritage that is
Katya's Birthright. It
includes silver, gold, and
bronze amulets, mezuzot
and Hebrew wedding bands.
The Sacred Goddess
Collection speaks to the
uplifting of the feminine which
has been collectively changing its
image for the last 20 years.

Welcome to Cultual Images

Katya has been creating our exclusive line of jewelry for over 30 years. Her jewelry is meticulously crafted and finished to exacting quality standards in California and New Mexico. With designs based on ancient and modern archetypes that appeal to the divine and feminine spirit, these fine jewelry creations are available as Pendants, Earrings and Pins in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold.