In Memoriam to Abe Miller

Patriarch, husband, father, grandfather, businessman, golfer, Abe Miller could be describred by a number of adjectives. And while he left us over 10 years ago his presence is still very much felt. His spirit watches over the entire Miller family and literally pays for family meals - as long as business is being discussed. Abe was also a technologist, which was unusual for his generation, and he had a vision for his daughters artwork. In the early 1990's he saw the potential for the internet as a medium to market, sell and distribute the work he had always supported.

In the summer of 1993 Abe took me aside and asked me to build a web site for my mother. Over the next month I stumbled through my first attempt at a website. The website never materalized but the knowledge he passed to me that summer laid the foundation a carrer in design and development. So 15 years later I have finally finished the vision my grandfather had for his daughters art.

- Abraham Wallin, website designer/developer, son, grandson

Abe Miller; a businessman, a patriarch, and an early web developer