I received the pendent from you - it is fabulous, it is a treasure, I truly feel honored to have found your site - I get lots of compliments when I where it - if people are interested I give them your website.

→ Lynn

I wear my Lady Freedom everyday, she guides my speech and my thought...out of many One...remembernot to judge, do not speak ill, you are my brother and you my sister. She reminds me of that which Morrnah always taught, "Peace begins with me"

→ Aurora [Los Angeles, CA]

Several months ago I bought one of your healing hand amulets with amethyst. The minute I saw it I knew it was meant for me! I've worn it every day since then. I just can't tell you what it means to me. It's become an important symbol for me and gives me a lot of confidence in myself! I've seen some of your other pieces and think they are beautiful. Thanks for making my world brighter.

→ Robin [Piedmont, CA]

All day I have felt special and gifted with your hamsa. I practice hope, and this amulet helps make it possible. In fact, I feel the amulet is very powerful beginning with affecting my attitude and outlook. Many warm thanks, Katya, for your artwork, and gracious healing.

→ Krissy Oakland, CA

Your necklaces are magnificent. They deserve recognition and praise, as does all your work. You are truly divinely inspired.

→ Linda Los Angeles, CA

The necklace is so special. Thanks so much for it and your smiling presence in my world.

→ Marion Santa Fe, NM

Your Torah is so beautiful and spiritual for me to wear. Thanks you for this beautiful symbol of life.

→ Josie Alameda, NM

Your jewelry is gorgeous and inspired. You are very clear, calm, and knowledgeable. Beautiful products. The Goddess shines from your eyes and emanates in your work.

→ Taylor Philadelphia, PA

Thank you. Your pieces are wonderful. My favorite is the Winged Goddess.

→ Molly Maui, HI

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, The rings are beautiful creations. We both love them and you for making them with so much care and patience. I didn't know that cast jewelry could have the fineness of this ring-hollowed out like the sun melting through the fresh earth!

→ Bruce and Jennifer Berkeley, CA